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Special-shape Spring


Wire Diameter

1-100 mm

Out Side Diameter

Up to 500mm

Free Length

Up to 1200mm

Number of Turns

As required

Surface Treatment


Dipping paint, Shot peen, Zinc plating, Nickel plating, Chrome plating, Gold plating, Copper plating, Blacken,Blueing,E-Coating, Powder painting and oil tempered.


Railway vehicles, wagons, Freight cars, Metallurgical machinery, Agricultural machinery, Automobile Machinery, Cranes, Bogies, Mine locomotives, Heavy duty trucks, Engineer vehicle bogies, Mine tractors, Trailers.


100pcs, any small trial order is welcome.


Inner plastic bags and outer cartons or wooden case, Or as per customers' requirements.


We could design and manufacture any springs for you as long as you could offer the following information requirement:


Wire diameter

Surface treatment

Inner diameter and outer diameter(ID and OD)

Free length and work length

Total coils and active coils

Application(For which transportation car)

And a technical drawing is the best.

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