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Speech of Our General Manager


Since the early 1960s, we have built our company which has passed through dozens of Spring and Autumn. During this period, we have understood and learnt a lot. We are gratified for what we have achieved, and full of emotional thoughts about the hardships and setbacks that we conquered. We are also pride of our tough mind and brave heart which we gained .


Honor and achievements will be slowly settled in years, and responsibilities and obligations will become our new theme. Our company has gone through from the waste to new and development, and then from the bottom to a new development, that is also the way of Chinese national enterprises.


Our company resolutely implements the policy that the quality is the way to survive and the reputation is the way for operating and developing. For the enterprise, sincerity is the fundamental; trust is the source of wealth; innovation is the soul of our development .

qianming.jpg In the future, we will continue to pursue the business strategy of "eternal innovation, continuous improvement, and sustainable development" and adhere to the "quality coming first, management and system strict implemented, improving our service, and designing and manufacturing the satisfied products for users", and continually go after our enterprise spirit which is "unity, innovation, high quality and efficient",then lead our Chinese national enterprises going to the global, and revive the prestige of China. We sincerely look forward to that there are more like-minded national heroes together for the Chinese industrial development in our developing way.



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