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About Us


Xiangtan Spring Factory Co., Ltd., founded in the early 1960s, is a professional spring factory setting design and manufacturing in one. In 2000, Xiangtan Spring Factory Co., Ltd has restructured to a private stock enterprise from a collective enterprise. Xiangtan Spring main products include helical coil spring (1- 100mm), compression spring, plate spring, leaf spring, extension spring, torsion spring and various special-shaped spring. With years development, Xiangtan Spring Factory Co.,Ltd is one of the two authorized private suppliers to China Railways (the Ministry of Railway), which owns only 13 manufacturer for springs. 
53 years of trails and hardships, the company has a rapid development in designing, manufacturing,marketing. And have a team of experienced research and development engineers and experienced marketing and management personnel. The products have been exported to Turkey, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, the Middle East, South America, Africa, etc. Our company Located in the hometown of Chairman Mao, only 5 miniutes to Xiangtan North High Speed Train Station, it’s only takes two an half hours from Xiangtan to Guangzhou, which let the enterprise rapidly across the country to all over the world. if have any chance we would fell it is a great honor to company you visiting Chairman Mao’s hometown .
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