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Historical Events

1963: Founded as a collective enterprise.


2000: Restructured to a private stock enterprise.


2001: Passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.


2003: Increased the workshop from 1000 square meters to 4000 square meters.


2007: Appointed to the private suppliers of China Railways (the Ministry of Railways).


2008: Increased the workshop to 10000 square meters with 4,000,000RMB investment, and added a set of equipment for a new production-line.


2011: Built another new workshop which is 3800 square meters in Jiuhua industrial park,and upgraded the quality system certification to ISO9001: 2008.


2012: Passed the CRCC certification of China Railway Product Center of China Railways.


2013: Communicated, propagandized and launched Baota south road after the Xiangtan High-tech Zone demolition office stationed into our company in May. And in December of 2014, the demolition had been finalized.


2015: Signed the demolition contract in January, and began to move on May 15. There was an investment nearly 40 million RMB in total, including 10 million RMB investment for equipment. Now our address has been changed to No.9 Jinjing road Jiuhua industrial park economic& development zone,and the legal representative has been changed to You Zhou; chairman has been changed to Shunhui Zhang. From 23 August to the end of October, due to the change of our address and legal representative, the China Railways re-checked our appointed project and CRCC railway product quality. Our company had successfully become a qualified appointed company of China Railways once again, and obtained the CRCC certification again.

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